Change of Plans

If I had a nickel for every time I wrote a blog about a change in plans, I could retire. That would be nice!

Surgery is Monday now. Yes, like in 4 days. My surgeon had travel plans that changed so they moved me up, way up in fact. Yay! Please bubble us up good that day for a perfect and successful surgery – it’s scheduled for 12:30pm. 

Thank you! Gotta go re-arrange my schedule. Again. So exciting!!!


One thought on “Change of Plans

  1. Will be sending all the love, light, music and good vibes I got your way!! You got this, sister!

    Thank you, Michelle Malone @michellemalone 2015 Georgia Music Award Winner

    “Equal parts badass guitar slinger and sweet songstress, with masterful lyrical introspection – sublime to raucous. -GUITAR WORLD

    “The kind of singer and songwriter who can jolt things into overdrive.” – NEW YORK TIMES

    “raucous and jubilant – somewhere between Lucinda Williams and Shelby Lynne comes Malone alternating between soulful ballads and rowdy, riffy blasters.” – ROLLING STONE

    “4 out of 5 Bunnies “… Malone churns up those Southern roots with the vigor of Lucinda Williams while embracing her inner Keith Richards.” – PLAYBOY

    The soul of a bluesman, the heart of a folk singer, and the guts of a rock and roll star wrapped up in one fiery bad ass” -NASHVILLE RAGE



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