It’s ON – Surgery is 9/1

I met with the new surgeon last week and it was awesome. He walked in and said “I can get those lymph nodes out. I wouldn’t do this if I couldn’t get all of the cancer, and I can.” And just like that, we’re busy scheduling surgery. He was so confident, and really put my mind at ease immediately. Dr. B says he’s the best in the country. Can’t ask for better than that! I saw Dr. Benigno earlier this week and he is really excited about this. We’ll decide everything about what happens AFTER surgery when it’s done. It’s likely I’ll stay on some treatment, just to continue to reduce the risk of recurrence.

So surgery is next Friday, 9/1. It can’t be done laparoscopically because the nodes are too deep (closer to my spine) so it will be a belly cut, a few days in the hospital, and a longer recovery process. But y’all cancer free. Yeah it’s worth it. You know what else is super cool about it? It’s the first day of Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. I will celebrate being aware that I no longer have ovarian cancer. Sounds about right.

I have pre-op and a scan before then – don’t really expect any news from that. But I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for your continued love and support! This is so exciting!!



6 thoughts on “It’s ON – Surgery is 9/1

  1. This is just the best news Ann! Congrats! I am so thankful you love this surgeon and I love his and your confidence. God is good! I will be sending you a prayer for total healing and that surgery and rehab goes well all the way from vacation in Alaska. Prayers, hugs, love and thoughts sent your way. Amazing! Love you girl!!

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